Every relationship is meant to be enjoyed, as a matter of fact, there are somethings or character that if you start displaying will mar your relationship if care is not taking. Those are what I will share with you here.

1. Don’t claim masculine: There is no need always assuming to the young lady that you are the man in the relationship, this is a sign that you are beginning to lose your ground, don’t for any reason act funny or say any unnecessary thing because you want to prove that you are the man in the relationship.
2. Be her source of strength: try as much as you can to be her strength at all time, most importantly her source of emotional and financial strength, be in control of her emotions, give her what she needs emotionally, financially you can only not give when you don’t have, you must understand this because it is not your nature, please be there for her.
3. The love should flow from you: don’t ask for love, rather show the love, prove to her that you love her, ladies naturally reciprocates love, don’t ask funny questions like are you sure you actually love me? So understand that the love has to first come from you, you will get it back in full measure.
4. Always be the man in the relationship: to be the man here connotes that she is not worth and their woman, lend her your voice ,shoulder, wisdom ,purse, manpower etc. be there whenever she needs someone to lean on, let that confidence be there that she has a man in her life.
5. Learn to give what you have: in any serious relationship, if you don’t want your lady to leave you, for no just cause, please learn to give at all cost, the guiding principle should be what you can’t give to her is what you don’t have, be there for her financially it is worth it.
6. No room for assumption: please don’t relax and assume that she is completely yours especially when you are not married to her, no matter how good or bad she is, someone still wants her from you don’t start talking anyhow or even hurt her unnecessarily . She can still leave you at will, if you are not careful.
7. Communicate properly: don’t for any reason assume that she understands all your actions per time, please communicate your mind to her to the point that you are sure she understands you well. Communication matters a lot and should not be toyed with.
8. Let it be a mutual something: never you for any reason think that you are doing her a favor by loving her, at times you may not say it, but it will be seen in your acts and dispositions towards her, it is even her right to be loved the right way and you owe her that responsibility, so don’t take it or starve her of it.
9. Don’t intimidate her: it is totally out of equation, please don’t make her feel intimidated in any way. Let your wealth, career, skills, profession, achievements and what you have be a source of encouragement to her and not as an opportunity to use those factions to intimidate her unnecessarily, she will always feel insecure and will leave you sooner than you imagined.
10. Show her the love you promised: the first time you met her, you promised her an unending, right now, you are getting used to her to the point that you can’t remember when last you said I love you to her, talk more of carrying out responsibilities.
11. She is your lover: get to understand that love does not entail stupidity, don’t turn her to your dry cleaner, house maid and the likes, let her help you only when she feels, so it is never your right to give her clothes to wash or any domestic chores.
12. Don’t be an extremist: don’t be too serious about everything, she may despise you, spiritually, business, career, humor, feeding, cares, all these should be done moderately. If not she may get offended or even misinterpret you.
13. Treat her like a queen: as a matter of fact, that’s whom she is, don’t try raising your hand to beat her even if you are mad, and try to see to it that you appreciate her for every little thing she does. Express love to her, let her feel on top of the world at all times.

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