Indisputably, a lot of excitement and a sense of fulfillment goes with passing out of service. In fact,you are so excited,you want the whole world to know.

This euphoria is absolutely evident as corps members share POP pictures and certificate on various social media platforms.

The joy may stem from the fact that you won’t have to go for CDS again, no more khaki trousers,no more Orange booth,and for some,no more clearance wahala.

You can’t wait to pick your certificate and run! The big question is: RUN TO WHERE.

The bitter truth is,it is tougher out there in Nigeria labour market. As a Corper at least you had a monthly income. After POP,you may go income less and hop into strenuous world of job search.

The bad news is: Nobody really cares about you,it is cold and rough out there and that is not funny..

The good news is that here to help you..

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1) Exchange contacts with others and keep in touch: It is absolutely not uncommon for most of us to get so much drowned in the excitement of passing out. During POP don’t just pour out your lips and take photos with your supposed Corper friends, exchange phone numbers and Email addresses with them and keep in touch afterwards. This will enable you to subsequently alert yourselves about any job opportunities.


2) Create a professional profile: I have come to realise that a lot of fresh graduates underestimate the importance of professional drafted resume. Prepare a good curriculum vitae(CV) and cover letter and keep them handy. Always take them along,you don’t know when you will need them.

3) Relocate to havens of opportunities: After POP,it will be wise to move to cities that are the job hub of the country. There are good job opportunities in Lagos,Port Harcourt, Abuja.These cities relatively have a lot of places to work and lots of things to lay your hands on. From banks to oil firms,multinationals, NGOs,and even the entertainment industry.

4) Networking: Leave your nest and start networking with other professionals.

5) Announce yourself: Except for your immediate family members, most persons do not really care about what you are doing, you have to tell them yourself. Let people know that you are jobless and need a job.

6) Subscribe to Internet Job recruitment platforms: From this you can learn how to make money online. These days you can be at the comfort of your home and apply for as many jobs as possible online through the internet.

You can subscribe to platforms like jobberman,jobsguru,ng career,career 24 can even learn to make money online.

8) Go for Post graduate studies and professional certificates..Because of the high level of unemployment, it is wise that you get some additional degreesas certification, this will give you cutting edge over others.

Professional courses like ICAN,ACA,NIPR,NAMA,NIM,CICRM,PM can also help you.

9) Get a skill..employ yourself..We can teach you how to make money online

There are so many other skills that can pay you.

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