In both developed and third world countries,we all receive a basic education that teaches us to read,write and do mathematics. Then we are thrown out into the world either to sit in a salaried job, to join the ever-growing ranks of the unemployed, or to start businesses that are likely to fail.

We are basically cut loose without any skills in securing jobs, and with no idea of how to be in business for ourselves. If this says anything, it says our formal education system has let us down.

It doesn’t give us important life skills.

School for me meant following the traditional rules,giving people only what they expected, and getting ahead by doing the same things as everyone else.

I wouldn’t call that a recipe for success.

They teach students “soft skills” hoping that when they get into the real world they will able to figure it out for themselves.

To be rich,you need a type of education, this education is not acquired at a conventional school or university..

You gain it at “the school of wealth”

Wealth education is difficult to get,it is usually acquired by trial and error, by risk taking,by losses and wins.

This can be very time consuming and very costly,both economically and emotionally. Every owner of a failed business can vouch for that.

The only solution to this is to find a successful person who you admire who will pass this education to you.

If you want to be rich and successful, study success and nothing else.

And the easiest way to do this is read a successful person’s autobiography,attend conferences,read their books and magazines, after their seminars.

This is your short cut to success..

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