Blogging is a 21st century online business that does not only entertain online users but also empowers the blogger financially. It is a lucrative platform through which one can make money online right from the comfort of his or her home.
Blogging therefore is an online platform that is used for the sole purpose of disseminating information, public enlightenment, and quality content delivery, as a blogger you don’t only make money from passing across information but you can also make good money through affiliate marketing.
This online information dissemination platform can only be used to create wealth when one is a passionate writer, you can’t make money online from blogging when you are not passionate about teaching, writing and passing across information.
FIND A NICHE: Your niche is simply what you know very well and can passionately discuss with your audience, it can be relationship, sports, technology, health, how to make money online, breaking news, celebrities, insurance etc,.
GET A SIMPLE BLOG NAME: Don’t choose names that one has to think twice before remembering, go for something simple, e.g.,
HAVE A MENTOR: It is possible you can stay online for years as a blogger without making a dime from blogging, to make money online through blogging; you need a mentor who commands the kind of result you desire.
USE A BEAUTIFUL BLOG DESIGN: Tell your web designer to give something simple, user friendly, beautiful and not complicated, a site that will appear enticing to your readers.
KEEP WRITING GREAT CONTENTS: You will keep hearing from other bloggers that content is the key, let your contents carry enough information per time, if you must make money online through blogging, your contents must solve your readers problems, it is all about your readers and not you e.g. “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE”.
In this case if great content, you should do the following:
Use sub-heads.
Bulleted or numbered lists.
Good captions.
Nice images and nice formatting.
Use bold fonts.
Your headlines must be catchy, sweet and head turning for your visitors and loyal readers.
BLOG FREQUENTLY: To make money online through blogging as a platform, your readers should always see something new in your site, making at least two posts daily is good for a start.
ASSOCIATE WITH OTHER BLOGGERS: This idea is very important, you need to know what others are doing and how they are doing it. Join in the blogging community if you must make money online through blogging. Leave comments on fellow blogs, but your comments must be encouraging. Link generously with other bloggers. You can invite other bloggers to your blog. Learn to post in larger blogs.
YOUR CONTENTS MUST BE SEO FRIENDLY: If you want to make money online through blogging, your contents must be Google friendly; this is for the sake of those that may visit your site through the search engine optimization.

STAY ONLINE: You can be online but still don’t make money online, to share your posts, you need to get traffic from facebook, Google plus, pinterest, twitter, whatsapp e.t.c
TRY TO TURN ALL YOUR VSITORS TO LOYAL READERS: You can’t make money online as you desire, if your readers are not loyal to you. They must be loyal to the point that they visit your site every day; this still depends on how qualitative and informative your contents are.
INSTALL GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Google analytics will keep you informed with respect to who your readers are and what contents they read the most and where you readers are coming from, this will guide you n subsequent time, and as well help you to know how far you can go to make money online from your home through blogging.
In conclusion, I have being able to open your eye to the fact that it is possible to stay at home and make money online when you are a passionate writer.
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