All humans desire both male and female desire to have a glowing beautiful and attracting skin, but in the case where one is exposed to a harsh weather or environment, it is only secrets that I am going to share here that can help you keep your skin glowing.

Most people think that it is money that they need to keep their skin glowing, but the strategies that am about sharing with you are completely natural remedies to this effect.

  • Take a lot of water during the day: It is very important that you take a glass of water first thing in the morning, still on that, take a lot of water during the day, the good news about this fact, is that it keeps your skin hydrated and moist, as you waste during the day, you need to refresh with some glass of water.
  • Try out some exercises: You don’t need to stress yourself with much exercises, you can just dance around the room, play with the kids, take some work around the house, they appear simple and entertaining, by so doing, you burn out fat and get your skin rid of unnecessary spots.
  • Enjoy your fresh shower: When you are done exercising, do take some cool shower or if possible, use the swimming pool. Fresh bath nourishes the skin. Most people bath only when they are feeling hot or something of that nature, but it is wise that you shower at least two times daily, and for no reason should you go to bed without taking your bed, if you know you will not bath, please wash your face.
  • Apply natural skin products: Natural skin products can be any of the following, turmeric, mud, coconut oil, rice water and the likes, apply them on your skin. Use a mixture of honey and turmeric to detoxify your skin at least once a month, you can even use mud to do same, after you dip cotton wool in rice water and use it to clean your face. It is also advisable that you take some turmeric tea.
  • Choose a good body lotion: You can use a good moistening lotion to lock liquid in your skin, you can as well apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn, you can use coconut oil and rice water as sun screen, as for no reason should you apply creams with hydroquinone as content.
  • Consume foods that are rich in vitamins: Some of these foods should be fruits, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, take a lot of that, it will take care of your skin to a larger extent.

It is most advisable that you take fruits as dinner, they are friendly to the skin.

The secrets that I shared with you above are proven facts that can help you a lot if you are consistent in the practice.



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