how to win your dream lady

How To Win Your Dream Lady


how to win your dream lady

There is a lady that you have always wanted or desired that she would be a bosom friend, but circumstances have always proved you otherwise, I just shared here common strategies that you can easily adapt to make your desire a dream come true.

  1. Be her shield and confident: The lady should feel secured before you at all times. If for any reason your composure is not pointing to the fact that you are a real man in words and actions, the lady will start seeing you as another woman. Women like men that are confident.

If she is facing any pressure either from families, friends or working colleagues, she should see your shoulder to lean on.

  1. Let listening be one of your new found habit: you must learn to listen to the lady no matter how useless it sounds, too much or even bored statements you just have to be there for her. Give her all the listening attention that she deserves. When you don’t listen to the woman she can easily jump to the conclusion that you are proud or too full of yourself and will never let her express her self.
  2. Don’t try to be too forward: It is normal for ladies to pretend, please don’t judge any of her actions as been to your detriment, try as much as you can to understand her. For instance, you may jump into concluding she wants only intelligent guys, which you must be, or it can still be a value that she admires, but no matter how it appears, don’t rush into conclusions until you get to hear from her.
  3. Let her be: Get to understand that life is a Kingdom of choice, don’t come desperate, you’ve delivered your manifesto, so give her a breathing space so that she can make her choice.

Don’t resort to self pity, let her see that you are confident over the both of you ending up as bosom friends for life. Don’t impose yourself on her and also try not to pose or lose your mind.

  1. Show her your values: One of the greatest things that ladies appreciate in the life of men is values, let her see something in you that she can be proud of anywhere, anytime as someone that has a friend, if you don’t have any kind of value to show, forget it, she may regard you as a non entity and will never sat yes or she will keep you waiting while she looks out for what she wants in another guy.
  2. Get to know her passions: If you keep presenting to her the kind of man she doesn’t have passion for, you may be wasting your time. A lady that so much like business what is the need telling her about your masters degree program all the time?. She may not give you the attention and you think it is pride?. It is not. Get to flow as often as possible, she will see a friend in you, you can comfortably do that without even changing who you are.

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  1. Be real: I beg you to please not claim what you are not weather directly or indirectly, the fact is that she may know and will not tell you while you keep fooling yourself, or you keep fooling yourself till she finds out, you will regret meeting her. Be yourself at all point, let her like you for who you are and not who you claim to be.
  2. Never place a demand yet: Let her not be under any kind of pressure from your corner, don’t start demanding for attention unnecessary calling her line every 45 minutes, waking her up every morning with your calls, placing one demand or the other even when the lady is yet to say yes, please control yourself in this regard.
  3. Be supportive: At all times, try as much as you can to see how you can be a friend even when she does not ask for it. If she is burdened over an issue, try to see how you can be the man in her life . This act alone will make her feel comfortable around and tell you how she needs a friend like you in her life, at that point you’ve succeeded.
  4. Pursue a dream: Your vision and personality is the first thing that introduces you before a lady, let her see a reason to commit her future into your hands.

Be a real man that lives for something, that is the more reason why the lady should even give you attention at the first place.


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