PLANTAIN AS MEDICINE: Know the health benefits;No 3 will shock you.

Plantain, known as Musa Paradisiacal in the field of natural medicine has been used throughout the world as food and medicine.

The fruit can be roasted or fried as food. It is referred to as Bole when roasted and as Dodo when fried. The ripe fruit can also be eaten raw as fast food. Plantain is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The plant is evergreen and the fruits are also rich in NORADRENALINE, ALKALOIDS and INSULIN.

Plantain  has been scientifically tested and indicated for the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, diabetes, veneral diseases, goiter, wounds, malaria, ulcer, nervousness, skin infection, prostritis, kidney problems. etc.

The following methods should be used in treating ailments with Plantain.

1) Nervousness: Plantain root juice is indicated for the treatment of nervousness, depression and hysteria problems. It relaxes the body and promotes sleep. It is also a good remedy for Insomnia. Take two tablespoonful two times daily..

2) Heart problems: Get some quantities of dried plantain leaves in a medium sized pot. Add water and boil for an hour. Take one glass two times daily.

3) Ulcer; Dry the peel of plantain and grind into powder. Mix the powder with little natural honey and take one teaspoonful four times daily.

4) Dysentery: Extract juice from the roots of plantain and take two to three tablespoonful, morning and evening.

5) Skin infections: The leaves cleanses and heals the skin. Make paultice from the plantain leaves by grinding it into powder and mix with little palm kernel or olive oil, mix the powder with little water and apply to the skin as cosmetics.

6) Epilepsy: Get the juice from the roots and take two tablespoonful two times daily. The root should be washed to avoid infection before extracting the juice. The juice makes the electric discharge from the brain impossible.

Warning: Seek the assistance of a natural healer when using Plantain root juice for treatments..

Children and pregnant women should not use plantain root juice or the methods stated above any kind of treatment..

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