It’s so sweet and interesting among ladies when they enjoy their relationship with a faithful man, but the reverse appears to be the case when you find out that your man is either happy relating or enjoying intimacy with another lady. I will share with you the things you don’t know that made your man to cheat on you and how you can stop it once and for all.
KNOW WHO HE IS: Failing to understand his kind of person will always result to things that will make your man to cheat on you, because in most cases, you may think that he needs is not actually hat he needs and you will be there wasting your time thinking that you are helping matters, so understand his person first.
THY MYTH OF NORMALCY: Thinking that it is a normal thing for men to cheat will make you to display some attitudes that will make your man to cheat on you and you cannot do anything about it, change this mentality and do the needful.
TOTAL OWNERSHIP MINDSET: Yes, we know that he is your man, thinking in this manner of total ownership and disregarding your responsibilities towards him is risky and can even cause your man to cheat on you, what made him need you at the first place, should be the more reason why you should brace up for more commitment in order to keep him to yourself.
VALUE DEPRECIATION: This is the first attitude that can make your man to cheat on you, when you know longer know how to organize him, be relevant and updated with his personal values and needs, someone will help you to do that, there is competition everywhere.
YOUR ATTENTION MATTERS: You used to give him attention before now, when then are you thinking that he is demanding for much this time around, not giving him enough attention will cause your man to cheat on you.
TAKE NOTE OF WHAT HE APPRECIATES: I said earlier that what you think he needs may not actually be what he needs, take your time to find out his interests and pay more attention to them, nothing will cause your man to cheat on you if you pay your dues in that regard.
BE HIS BEST FRIEND: Your man will always want to be with his best friend, try to be his best friend and he will not cheat on you for any reason, if you disregard this fact, it will make your man to cheat on you.
UNDERSTAND HIS FEELINGS: Temperament and emotions are not the same with people don’t use yours to conclude his, this will push your man to cheat on you, and he will prefer to always relate his feelings to that his old school friend that understands him.
MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE A KING: He is your king, why not treat him like one, there are other ladies out there who are ready to do the same to him, be committed to your spouse treat him like a king, he will not cheat on you for any reason.
PACKAGE AND REPACKAGE: Please if you know those packaging and appearance that made him fix the wedding date, doing relent to doing more to that effect, trying to relax and ignore them may cause your man to cheat on you.
UNDERMINE HIS WEAKNESSES: Always celebrate his strength, don’t be a pointer to his weaknesses, it will scare him away, maintain your standards, but understand him if he apologizes for his wrongs and don’t push him to the wall.
PUT AWAY ANY TEMPTATION ON SIGHT: You already know the kind of person that you are with, please don’t employ ladies to serve him for any reason, mind the kind of friends that he keeps, it is important and will also help him, but if you want your man to cheat on you, just relax.
These are the facts that will make your man to cheat on you; I know you found it interesting. Sharing is caring, use any social media platform to share this with all your female friends….we love you.

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