Sexually transmitted diseases are all manner of infections or diseases that are transmitted or contracted through sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of these diseases varies from male and female bodies, some of the symptoms can be:

Smelly discharge

Skin rashes mostly around the genitals

Pain or discomfort during intercourse or urinating

Rashes in other parts of the body

Itching, burning and irritation.

These symptoms varies based on the particular disease, sex or the period that it has lasted in the body of the carrier.

Aside medications and doctors prescriptions, this article will enlighten you on the foods that you can eat that will help you fight these infections.

There are fruits that you can take, these fruits will help to strengthen your immune system, because these diseases first attacks your immune system, such fruits and vegetables must be fresh, raw and rich in enzyme, much intake of it before meals can help you a lot.

Research has shown that mineral zinc found in pumpkin seed is a good source of mineral that can boost your immune system.

The immune system can also be boosted through the intake of raw garlic and fresh vegetables.

Much intake of pure water is advisable at this point, and try as much as you can not to consume much sugar.

Supplements containing vitamin A, B, C are recommended as well, because they provides the body with strength and vitality, and also kills bacteria and viruses.

In the case of treating the infection with antibiotics, desist from the intake of yogurt, instead eat plain natural yogurt containing live culture, keifer or lactic acid to help build the intestinal walls.

Natural cure does not stop you from getting the advice of a professional medical practitioner, this help will help to aid strict adherence to medical practices in that regard.


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