Infidelity has appeared to be an issue of concern in many homes across the globe, to the extent that most women who are helpless about the matter now take it as normal, some file for divorce, while some are completely depressed.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing that attract human beings like values, that thing they feel or even think they want, especially when it comes easy, free, and cheap with less stress.

So, when a woman assumes certain things, pays less attention or is ignorant to the things that appeals to her husband, chances are that she may see the unexpected which in turn will result to infidelity.

How then do you deal with infidelity?

You didn’t marry a demon: I really want you to understand that the matter can be fixed, it’s just for you to agree to the fact and as well do the needful, don’t feel as if your husband can never be restored again.

Are you his friend: It may actually be that you got married to a pretender or a stranger or even someone who was hiding his real personality to fit in to your class because of whatever the case may be? At this point, get to know what interests your husband, his fears, his challenges, his burden, needs and emotions, you must be there for him, or another woman will help you do that.

You are his mother: Just know that and you must treat him like a son, forget his big body. I know he is your hero and another woman is calling him baby outside the home, you don’t even know that he is enjoying the pet name, lend him your laps let him always feel like a baby in your arms.

Complement and praise him: You must do this, that’s why you are there. When he dresses up in the morning, sing his praise like you do to your children, he is also your child, arrange his neck tie, touch his belt, tell him that he is looking handsome, if not, a secretary or colleague must help you to do that.

Understand him: Get to hear him first before argument, there’s nothing men hate like arguing with them. Be smart over the whole discussion, he may not want to talk about it, calm down, know when to shout, and then use wise words to prick his conscience at the right time.

Respect his personality: Familiarity breeds complacency, that’s why you talk him down and shout at him as if he is a lover by default, this man naturally has ego and you must respect that, the lady outside will want to treat him like a king, be careful, yes we know he is your husband.

Let him see you value: Most men don’t respect their wives, because they now appear as good for nothing, let the man respect your worth, your sound mind, your smart approach to issues, your industrious personality, all these matter.

Give him delicacies: Am coming from the kitchen corner now, his stomach matters especially if your husband likes food, for your husband to be enjoying meals outside, it is an insult on you, get to feed him well.

Don’t be gentle with your sexual life: Most women are ignorant of this, he will tell you that he is satisfied with the style, but will keep imagining practicing the other style in his head with another lady, sex should be discussed, get to know his thoughts and make sure you meet the need, if he appears to be a lion in bed, be the lioness, not the lamb.

Pray for him: Remember you are his help meet, most of them inherited such, some developed the habit when they were single, please be there for him.

To God be the glory, practice these principles I shared with you here and watch your marriage work.


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